The Good, Bad, and Ugly About Gut Health

Studies Now Show Gut Health is Related to Mental Health

When appropriately cared for, our bodies are intrinsically complex, self-healing machines. All of our critical biological processes function together cohesively to keep us safe, happy, and healthy. Poor gut health, however, throws a wrench into these plans. 

Studies show that poor gut health is linked to poor mental health and slow wound healing is linked to a poorly functioning liver. Considering that poor liver function can be an unintended side effect of poor gut health – which then causes dysregulated hormones and an inability to rid the body of dangerous toxins – the body goes from hero to hot mess real quick and is primed for a host of diseases. 

Aging brings with it many health-related challenges which is why making consistent health-conscious choices – like healthy eating, daily exercise, stress management, and healing from past trauma – is mission critical to longevity. But this all arguably rests on good gut health. 

But what is gut health and how does it impact the body? Common causes of poor gut health – which causes symptoms like upset stomach, gas, constipation, heartburn, unexplained weight changes, and more – are: 

  • Chronic stress 
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Poor dietary choices 
  • Excess alcohol consumption 

But a healthy gut supports a strong immune system, promotes brain and heart health, stabilizes mood and energy levels, and supports restful sleep. 

Improving Gut Health 

Lifestyle choices are the cornerstone of health and wellness. You have the power to make choices that can play a big part in how you feel and look. Some ways you can easily can improve gut health are: 

  • Eating a more nutrient-dense diet 
  • Consuming fermented foods that contain beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut microbiome 
  • Practicing good oral hygiene
  • Avoiding sugary foods and artificial sweetener 
  • Consuming dark chocolate (and food with polyphenols) 
  • Adding certain spices like garlic, turmeric, and ginger 
  • BPC-157 Peptide Therapy 

Get Some Goodness For Your Gut 

BPC-157 is a cell-protective peptide with remarkable healing properties and is among the most popular of peptide treatments available today especially for those in the throes of poor gut health or slow wound healing. Serving also as an antiulcer agent, BPC-157 has immense healing potential for lesions in the pancreas, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. 

Among our most popular weight and metabolic health treatments, BPC-157 is a high-caliber healing powerhouse that can facilitate faster wound healing, decrease inflammation, alleviate digestive issues like leaky gut or IBS, and jumpstart weight loss. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and achieve lasting results that will radiate from the inside out.

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