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Cristiano Ronaldo Workouts and His Cryotherapy Regimen

By Josh Whalen
April 21, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo provides fitness inspiration for people across the globe. The Portuguese soccer star has been known not only for his skills on the field, but for his overall incredible athletic prowess. As he closes in on age 40, many people wonder how he maintains such a youthful physique and energy level. Here are the details on the Cristiano Ronaldo workout and cryotherapy regimen. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Workouts

There’s no doubt Ronaldo has a strict training regimen to keep him in such great shape. He trains 5 days each week for about 3-4 hours. But don’t be fooled, even on his rest days he likes to go for a run or takes a swim to keep his body fat percentage low. Here is what a week at the gym with Cristiano Ronaldo might look like:

  • Monday: Leg Day - barbell squats, box jumps, broad jumps, jumping lunge, lateral bounds done as a circuit 3 times 
  • Tuesday: Rest Day - some swimming or running
  • Wednesday: Push Day - pushups, medicine ball toss, push press, bench dips done as a circuit 3 times
  • Thursday: Quad Day - power cleans and sprinting to push the limits and build cardiovascular endurance
  • Friday: Total Body - one-arm side deadlifts, dumbbell one-leg deadlifts, knee-tuck jump, overhead slam, one-leg barbell squat, hanging leg raise to help stabilize the body, build stability, and core strength
  • Saturday: Rest Day - some swimming or running
  • Sunday: Cardio - jumping rope, resistance sprinting

Ronaldo’s Rest and Recovery

Ronaldo gives recovery as much, if not more, importance than training. Here are some of the ways he recovers after challenging workouts and games. 

Cryotherapy Recovery

His favorite recovery method is to use cryotherapy, which involves immersing the body in extremely cold temperatures for therapeutic purposes. This recovery technique has been growing in popularity among professional athletes like LeBron James and Floyd Mayweather, as well as other health gurus like Zac Efron and Mark Wahlberg. When the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, its natural response is to constrict your blood vessels so that more blood is pumped to your vital organs. During whole body cryotherapy, the blood becomes more oxygenated and nutrient-rich. When you’re finished and the body begins to warm up again, that healthy blood floods tissue and reduces inflammation. 

Sleep Recovery

Ronaldo takes his sleep very seriously. He has even hired a sleep expert to help him get the most restful sleep possible. In fact, Ronaldo has become known to take lots of naps during the day and recently changed his goal celebration during games by ending it by pretending to be asleep, an apparent reference to his love of naps. His sleep expert typically recommends that his clients take five 90-minute sleep shifts to total 7.5 hours. Ronaldo goes the extra mile and takes naps in addition to his full night’s sleep. 

Theragun Recovery

A popular tool Ronaldo uses for relaxing his aching muscles is the Theragun. This handheld percussive-therapy device uses a blunt tip and rapid repetitions to massage muscles deep into the tissue. Doing so stimulates blood flow, relieves pain, relaxes muscles, and aids in recovery. 

Consider Recovery with Peptides

Since sleeping in 90-minute shifts and using a high-tech cryotherapy chamber might be out of reach for most of us when it comes to recovering from a hard workout, you might be wondering what else can be done to feel your best and reset your body before the next workout. Peptides have been growing in popularity as a way to get the most out of your workouts, boost muscle, and promote fat loss. Some of the most popular peptides for men include:

  • GLP-1 or Glucagon-like peptide-1: plays an important role in regulating glucose metabolism
  • Clomid or Clomiphene citrate: stimulates production of testosterone
  • Metformin: reduces blood sugar levels
  • Testosterone: important for muscle mass, bone density, and libido
  • Sermorelin: can improve muscle mass and reduce body fat
  • Semaglutide: improves lipid metabolism and glycemic control

Try Peptide Therapy with Blokes

Blokes offers a variety of peptides to help you reach your health and fitness goals. We have licensed health professionals available to discuss your health history, current concerns, and future goals so you can achieve lasting results and feel your best. Schedule a consultation today and get personalized treatments shipped directly to your door.

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