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Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ Workout and Diet

By Josh Whalen
April 5, 2023

Seeing all of these Marvel superheroes on the big screen has many people wondering how they get so incredibly fit for their roles. So, if you’ve been envying the chiseled physique of these masked men, you’re not alone. One of the most notable and impressive of the bunch is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who is not secretive about how he manages to look the part of a mega-ripped mutant while staying healthy and properly fed. Here’s the details of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine workout and diet regimen as he prepares for his upcoming role in Deadpool 3.

What Does Hugh Jackman Eat?

“The way you want to look is 70% determined by your diet and only 30% by your training” - Hugh Jackman

Jackman says that if you're going to train and workout, it's important to work hard, but if you're not eating right, none of that training matters. In a recent Twitter post, he showed "a day in the life" of eating like Wolverine, displaying six pre-prepared meals with neat labels to show exactly what's inside. It includes a calorie count for easy tracking. Here are what the dishes in the photo consist of:

  • 2,000-calorie black bass and veggie rice with herb sauce
  • 2,100-calorie Patagonia Chinook salmon and potato dish
  • about 1,000 calories each for two chicken burgers with sweet potatoes
  • 1,100 calories each for two grass-fed sirloins with noodle dishes

Is Hugh Jackman Really Eating Over 8,000 Calories Per Day?

If you did the math like many of those commenting on the post, that adds up to over 8,000 calories. While it might sound like entirely too much food for one day, it is certainly a carefully calculated calorie count for someone with the workout regimen like Jackman. For perspective, Jonathan Majors discussed how he consumed 6,100 calories per day over four months to get in shape for his role as a bodybuilder in "Magazine Dreams." Jackman revealed to Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" back in January that he was working up to consuming 6,000 calories per day in preparation for playing Wolverine. 

In an interview with Men's Health, Jackman discusses when he was eating around 4,500-5,000 calories per day while performing in the musical The Music Man he burned about 1,500 calories in each of the eight shows he performed each week. So, it had been a gradual build-up to eating 8,000+ calories per day based on the amount of calories burned and his goals for bulking up. 

How Strict Is Hugh Jackman’s Diet?

Don’t worry, Jackman doesn’t have to skip all of the tasty treats, rather he eats them in moderations and is well aware that he will be working harder in the gym later to compensate for additional calories, sugar, and carbs. 


Get Jacked Like Jackman

As you can see, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine workout routine requires eating right and eating enough. There is no such thing as skipping meals when it comes to transforming into Wolverine. So what kind of workouts does he do when he hits the gym that burns off all those calories?

Start With Lighter Weights

It's easy to assume that to put on the kind of muscle mass that Wolverine flaunts on camera, you have to pick up the heaviest dumbbell you can manage and pump until you max out. However, Jackman says he starts with light weights on everything and works his way up to prepare both his body and mind for heavier lifting. Training in this way puts less stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons while protecting against injuries. 

The Wolverine Workout

Hugh Jackman follows guidance from his personal trainer to ensure the workouts are going to get his physique where it needs to be with a combination of strength training and cardio. 

Strength Training

While we don't know exactly what each day's workout plan looks like, the primary exercises consist of bench press, squats, weighted pullups, deadlifts, bicep curls, dumbbell fly, tricep dips, and core workouts like planking. Just check out these Tweets showing part of his process in #becomingwolverineagain.





Some people dread cardio when they hit the gym, but if you want to do the Hugh Jackman Wolverine workout, don't be afraid to get your heart rate up and sweat. Jackman has been known to do various cardio exercises, including cycling and HIIT training as well as some low-intensity cardio. The intensity and duration of cardio sessions will depend on the total calories needing to be burnt and his body fat percentage. 

Ready to Prioritize Your Health and Fitness?

If you’re ready to take a modern approach to your health, Blokes can help. Being in shape on Hugh Jackman’s level takes commitment, and with the support from Blokes services and products, you can see real, lasting results. Learn more about weight loss solutions, hormone health, how peptides can assist in muscle growth and more on our website or scheudle a consultation today to see how Blokes can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

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