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Rob McElhenney Weight Loss: From “Fat Mac” to Jacked Mac

By Josh Whalen
October 15, 2023

Rob McElhenney, the star of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," has been the talk of the town for his dramatic body transformations. From intentionally gaining weight for his role as "Fat Mac" to shedding it off and getting incredibly toned, McElhenney's journey has been nothing short of inspiring. But how did he manage to lose 70 pounds and get jacked? Let's dive into his weight loss journey.

The Intentional Weight Gain

Rob McElhenney's transformations began when he intentionally gained 60 pounds over seven months for his role in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." He aimed to embody a heavier version of his character, Mac. To achieve this, he initially followed a nutritionist's advice, consuming three chicken breasts, three cups of rice, and three cups of vegetables every two hours. However, he soon found a quicker way to gain weight: milkshakes. By drinking a gallon of ice cream daily, McElhenney rapidly gained weight, hitting his target in just two and a half months.

The Weight Loss and Toning Journey

Shedding the weight wasn't as simple as stopping the high-calorie diet. McElhenney embarked on an intense diet and workout plan. He lifted weights six days a week, abstained from alcohol, avoided eating after 7 p.m., and cut out carbs and sugar entirely. He also worked with Arin Babain, the personal trainer who trained Channing Tatum for "Magic Mike." McElhenney's rigorous routine included:

Day 1: Chest and shoulders with exercises like bench presses, incline dumbbell presses, and chest fly.

Day 2: Back and arms, including deadlifts, barbell rows, and bicep curls.

Days 3 and 6: Core and calisthenics featuring planks, jump squats, and burpees.

Day 4: Shoulders and arms with overhead presses and kettlebell swings.

Day 5: Leg day with exercises like leg presses, calf raises, and squats.

McElhenney also emphasized the importance of sleep, ensuring he got nine hours of rest every night.

Rob's Take on His Transformation

In a video by Men's Health, McElhenney shared insights into his transformation journey. He discussed the challenges and joys of his weight gain and loss phases, emphasizing the dedication and discipline required. He humorously mentioned that if one wishes to achieve a body like his, they should quit their 9-5 job, hire a personal chef, and follow a strict diet and workout regimen.

Maintaining the Physique

While McElhenney achieved his weight loss goals, he didn't stop there. He took up golf and incorporated yoga and pilates into his routine to improve flexibility. He also allowed himself regular cheat days, understanding the importance of balance in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Rob McElhenney's weight loss journey is a testament to the power of dedication, discipline, and hard work. While his methods might not be suitable for everyone, they highlight the importance of commitment and perseverance in achieving one's goals. Whether you're looking to gain weight for a role or shed some pounds, McElhenney's story serves as an inspiration for all.

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