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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Workout

By Josh Whalen
April 26, 2023

With Deadpool 3 on the horizon, Ryan Reynolds’ preparation for the role is in full swing. And there’s no way he will be slacking on getting into prime physical shape since he’s going to share the screen this time with the ultra-ripped Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, with whom Reynolds has had a “feud” for years. So what does Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool workout look like? Apparently, a key factor is keeping his metabolism high.

Staying Motivated

Although it's easy to assume Reynolds is motivated by competing with Jackman, he is truly in competition with himself. Reynolds stays fit all year and is no stranger to training hard in the gym, so he is building on positive fitness habits he has already developed.  

Foam Rolling

The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout starts with foam rolling during each session. This is a great addition to any workout routine because it increases circulation, massages muscle tissue, and reduces tenderness to prep the body for a hard workout ahead. 

Warming Up

Reynolds does dynamic warmups before each workout session to get the heart rate up and get the body prepared and familiar with the movements to come before adding heavy weight. These warm-ups might include hip mobility, shoulder mobility, and thoracic extension and rotation. Ensuring the his body is moving efficiently is a big part of why Reynolds can continue to perform challenging workouts and avoid injury. 

Lifting Weights

As someone in his mid-40s, keeping Reynolds’ metabolism high is crucial and resistance training is key. Keeping close track of his metabolism, Reynolds and his trainer, Dan Saladino, tailor his workouts to what is currently needed. He may do some workouts where he focuses on specific body parts while others might include a full body workout. Adding in workouts that incorporate both pushing and pulling movement is also important to engage muscle groups more thoroughly. 

Varying Intensity

Training with varying intensities is also a critical component of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool workout. Always pushing himself to failure invites too much risk for injury and additional stress to his body. Instead, he tends to set the weights down when he has a few reps left in the tank. 


As simple as it sounds, Reynolds keeps a high step count in daily life by walking when possible to maintain his high metabolism and avoid being sedentary. 

Less Core Is More for Reynolds

In an interview with Men’s Health, Reynolds' trainer, Saladino says that during training for Dealpool 2, they eliminated much of the core-focused workouts he used when training for the first movie. Instead, Reynolds gets his strong core and visible 6-pack from squatting, heavy lifting, and pulling. These exercises still work the abdominal muscles, but pack more of a punch for Reynolds and make workouts more efficient. After all, when you’re a family man making hit movies, promoting your gin company, taking over the world’s third oldest soccer club, and building up Mint Mobile and then selling it to T-Mobile, you have to be a master of your time. 

Eating Right

No workout is complete without pairing it with a healthy diet. Reynolds keeps a strict diet that is used to fuel his body. In order to train hard, he has to eat nutritiously. According to his trainer, Reynolds has a pretty boring diet that is also "incredibly clean." He is willingly strict and sticks to the same meals that consist of simple foods, including lean protein like chicken and salmon, slow-burning carbs like sweet potatoes and oatmeal, fibrous vegetables, and protein powder to fill in the gaps. His trainer also says Reynolds never drops his calories too low or cuts out food groups like carbs completely. Being as active and busy as he is outside the gym, he has to eat right to keep his metabolism high. 

Boost Your Metabolism With Blokes

Something many men struggle with when it comes to staying fit and healthy is a slowing metabolism. You can achieve lasting results from your workouts and diet changes with the support of the Blokes metabolic health treatments. We will work with you every step of the way, from completing your thorough health history to 1 on 1 care from a licensed health coach and shipping personalized treatments directly to your door. Schedule a consultation today to find out how Blokes can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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