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Superman Henry Cavill and His MuscleTech Super Stack

By Josh Whalen
April 24, 2023

To play the role of Superman, one certainly has to look the part. There is no getting around that and actor Henry Cavill had to work hard, and not just on preparing his lines, to become Superman. So what exactly does Superman Henry Cavill do to get into shape? Spoiler alert: he has a super-stacked supplement regimen. 

Hitting the Gym

While Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent-like jawline may be thanks to his genetics, building up those biceps happens in the gym. Cavill has a well-rounded fitness routine that works every muscle group. Lifting 4 days a week, he works on legs one day, chest, calves, and triceps another, then he spends a day working on his back and another on biceps. Cavill’s go-to for those impressive biceps is isometric holds. Isometric exercises are a great way to lower your risk of injury while still building and maintaining muscles and stabilizing joints.  

To stay lean, Cavill does fasted cardio. That means he gets up in the morning, drinks a cup of coffee and does about a half hour of cardio on an otherwise empty stomach. A British Journal of Nutrition study found that aerobic exercises while in a state of fasting leads to breaking down fatty acids and decreasing body fat at a higher rate versus eating and then exercising. 

He Doesn’t Skimp on Supplementation

Recently, Cavill became an ambassador the MuscleTech, a supplement company with a variety of protein powders, pre-workout, post-workout, and muscle-building products which he takes a variety of regularly.

Packed with Protein

Cavill’s breakfast is two-fold, including a protein shake and an omelet with ham. He uses the MuscleTech Grass-Fed 100 Percent Whey Protein Isolate. The protein powder has 20 grams of protein, and this form of whey is more filtered, so it absorbs into the body quicker. 

A Pre-Pump Pre-Workout

Cavill chooses the MuscleTech Shatter Elite pre-workout. It contains L-citrulline, known to enhance workout performance, improve blood flow, and promote better recovery, as well as beta-alanine, found to be great at increasing your output on your heavy lifting days. No pre-workout is complete without some caffeine. With 350mg of caffeine, almost 4 cups of coffee’s worth, Cavill is surely sent straight into beast-mode, has increased endurance, and is more motivated to lift hard.

Starting the Day with Supplements

Henry Cavill’s super regimen is not complete without two of his go-to supplements that he recently discussed in an Instagram post. 

He reveals that he takes MuscleTech Amino Build with BCAAs to ensure he’s not burning muscle during extra strenuous workouts. These building blocks of protein help decrease muscle soreness and improve muscle function and strength. He also takes Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, a weight loss supplement many of us are familiar with, saying it “helps you get that nice cut you might be looking for.”

Are Supplements Really Necessary?

If simply looking at Superman Henry Cavill’s sculpted physique isn’t enough proof that supplementation is an important part of any fitness routine, then you may be missing out on the gains you’re hoping to achieve. But some some looking to transform their body and transform their life, taking a little protein powder and creatine may not be enough. Here are some other ways you can get where you want to be, physically, mentally, and even sexually.

Hormone Health 

A man’s life can be greatly affected by low testosterone. It can impact more than just your sex drive, but also cause physical and mental changes. Once a man is in his 30s, it's common to see a natural decrease in levels of testosterone. But there is no need to simply shrug off the symptoms that come with it as a part of aging. With some personalized tests, you can start men's hormone therapy that may be just what you need to feel like yourself again and start seeing gains in the gym. 

Metabolic Health

Another common thing men start to see as they age is a slowing metabolism. It may feel like no matter how much you work out, you can’t shake off that extra weight. Metabolic health treatments like GLP-1 medications, B12 + MIC injections, semaglutide, and targeted fat reduction creams can give you that extra push across the finish line you’ve already worked so hard to cross. 

Sexual Health

A low sex drive can cause tension in relationships and affect a man’s (and woman’s) mental health. Your sex drive is an essential part of your vitality, and addressing it can feel difficult. Peptides like PT-141 is known to increase libido and intensity in both men and women. 

Explore Modern Men’s Health with Blokes

Ready to build strength and muscle? The licensed health professionals at Blokes can help you find the right stack to reach your goals. Whether you are interested in peptides to build strength and muscle, TRT, or aren’t sure where to start, Blokes can help. Schedule a consultation today.   

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