What is Male Sexual Dysfunction?

ED or erectile dysfunction is the term that seems to be used generally to describe all of men’s sexual health issues. The definition of ED is when a man cannot get or keep an erection also described as the inability of a man to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity. But sexual performance issues can include a wider variety of issues including low or no libido, premature ejaculation, AND erectile dysfunction.

The bigger issue here is that guys just don’t want to talk about ‘it’. So many guys wait months and even years before having this conversation with their spouse and medical providers. Which can be detrimental to both their relationships and their health. Sexual problems can be a sign of other serious medical issues that need to be addressed.

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What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Heavy alcohol consumption and illicit drug use

  • Medications (including certain blood pressure medications, pain meds, and antidepressants)

  • Tobacco use

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Obesity

  • Hormone Issues

  • Negative self-image

  • Strained relationships

  • Low/no libido

  • Poor health conditions – diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Lack of blood flow – cardiovascular disease/high cholesterol

  • Pelvic/organ injury

  • Peyronie’s disease

It can be one or several of these that contribute to ED or sexual performance issues. It’s important to work with your provider to treat not just the symptoms but the other underlying medical conditions.

Diagnosing & Treating ED

You may have ED if you regularly have these issues:

  • Trouble getting an erection

  • Difficulty maintaining an erection

  • Reduced interest in sex

Other sexual performance issues include:

  • Experience premature or delayed ejaculation

  • Inability to achieve an orgasm after ample stimulation

To diagnose your issues and severity of issues, providers may look at several different factors and tests including:

  • Complete health assessment (physical and psychosocial) Including:

  • Symptoms

  • Health History

  • Sexual History

  • Laboratory Panels

  • Blood

  • Urine

  • Penile ultrasounds to analyze penile blood flow

  • Injection tests

  • NPT (Nocturnal penile tumescence test)

Your treatment plan should be specific to your underlying causes and you may need a combination of therapies for successful treatment.

Blokes Sexual Performance Treatment Options

  • Tadalafil

  • Sildenafil

  • Oxytocin

  • PT-141

  • TriMix/QuadMix

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • You may be referred to a provider for Shockwave and other treatments/tests as necessary

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

  • Alleviate stress with lifestyle changes that promote well-being exercise, getting enough sleep, and seeking professional help with needed.

  • Seeking medical treatment and treating the underlying causes of sexual performance issues.

  • Actively managing your health. Regular check-ups with your provider, good diet and exercise, and mental health management are necessary and prudent to the prevention of sexual performance issues.

  • Proactively managing your relationship. Having open and honest conversations can keep you and your partner from having strains that can lead to sexual performance issues.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Blokes initial consults are complimentary.
If a lab draw is required, there is a $99 fee.

Our treatment packages start at $149 per month. All packages and therapies include convenient telehealth consultations, blood draws and laboratory panels, and medications.


Why should I treat Erectile Dysfunction and sexual performance issues?
Left untreated, not only is ED detrimental to your confidence and your relationships, you could have a serious underlying health condition that needs attention.

What is the best way to bring up ED with my provider?
We understand that erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing, but it isn’t at all for us. This is what we do every day. If you have had a few instances of erectile dysfunction, please schedule a dedicated appointment with our providers. ED is an initial warning sign for other health issues such as cardiovascular disease. This will allow us to address the underlying issue and find the best treatment options for you.

Can young guys experience ED?
Yes. While an older man will likely have a physical issue at play, like diabetes or high blood pressure, a younger man is likely to have ED that’s more related to psychological issues.

Is ED permanent?
For erectile dysfunction that stems from psychological issues, once addressed function should return to normal. For older men, with physical underlying causes such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, ED could potentially be something they deal with their entire life. Fortunately – if underlying causes are treated, most men will regain erectile function.

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