If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and you are either not a candidate for PDE-5 inhibitors or they simply don’t work like they used to, Trimix/Quadmix may be an option for you.

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What is Trimix/Quadmix?

Trimix/Quadmix are, just as they sound, comprised of 3 and 4 medications respectively that are used to stimulate a rapid and natural erection within 5-10 minutes of injection. Dosage can be titrated until your erections reach your desired duration and hardness while maintaining full penile sensation and orgasmic function.

What are the benefits of Trimix & Quadmix?

  • A fast, natural erection within 5-10 minutes

  • Stronger relationship with your significant other

  • Available to a broader range of men than other ED options

  • Improved sexual function

  • Improved sexual health

  • Increased sexual gratification

  • Enjoy intercourse immediately

  • Regain intimacy

  • Injections are discreet


How is Trimix/Quadmix used/administered?
Trimix/Quadmix is administered with a small painless injection into the penis.

How long after the injection and I ready for sex?
With proper dosing, most men are ready for sex within 5-10 minutes

What are the side effects and risks of Trimix/Quadmix?
The risk of priapism, a prolonged erection of the penis, is the primary side-effect. Priapism is usually painful and may require an emergency room visit. If not treated, you could develop permanent ED. You will typically be started at a low dose and titrate up the medication from there to avoid developing a priapism.

Do I start with Trimix or Quadmix?
If you have not taken these medications before, our providers will likely start you on the lowest recommended dose of Trimix and you will titrate up from there.

Do I have to inject Trimix/Quadmix into my penis?
Yes, this medication is injected directly into the penis. Although it sounds painful, it is not painful at all. Our team will train you to properly inject the medication.

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