About Blokes

Blokes is a virtual platform that provides game-changing treatments for guys. It’s TRT, prescription peptide therapy, and rocket fuel for life. By signing up, you’ll get access to personalized treatment plans and 1:1 support from our providers and staff. We also make it simple to get in-person blood draws through our lab partnerships. When it comes to bettering men’s health care, the sky’s the limit.

Our Mission
About the Founder

Why I Started Blokes.co

Josh Whalen/Founder + CEO
There had to be a better way than sterile clinics and subpar services. We built a company that listens to what guys need and gives the best solutions possible.

Mission Launch

Our mission is to help guys reignite their energy and drive by getting back what’s been lost due to aging, environmental factors, or other medical conditions. By providing easy access to treatments and services, we power the potential of each person to relaunch their health.

Learn more about testosterone replacement therapy and peptide treatments today.

Meet Our Clinicians

Men’s Medical Advisory Board and Clinicians

Your health goals and safety are our top priorities. Meet our team of Men’s Clinicians. The Blokes Medical Advisory Board is here to create a specialized plan for your body and address your specific health concerns with you. Our professional Men’s Clinicians will take the guess work out of your treatment plan.

Dr. Jason Leep


Medical Advisor


Dr. Melissa Loseke


Medical Advisor


Dr. Michael Meighen


Medical Advisor



Lauren Petasne


Certified Hormone Specialist


Dr. Jacey Folkers

Certified Health and Fitness Specialist


Dr. Amy Killen


Medical Advisor


Who, What, How?

Who do we treat?

Blokes is for men suffering from the symptoms and effects of aging; Blokes Modern Men’s Health provides a unique health care experience that includes personalized treatment plans and personal relationships with our providers and staff creating an atmosphere of understanding you because we need to truly understand your health history, symptoms, and goals so we can get you back to being you!

What do we offer?

Every patient experience will have its moment and realization of what they were missing before our program. Whether it’s a better sex life, managing ups and downs and depression, more energy, overall mood shift and outlook on life, and more zest. It’s important because it impacts intimate, personal, and professional relationships, work performance, confidence, and overall health and wellbeing.

How does it work?

Your goals, health, and safety are our #1 priority. Your success in our program starts with a commitment from you to your goals and a commitment to following the recommendations of our providers to achieve optimal results. You can expect personalized treatment plans by (certified) Hormone Therapy Specialists, a variety of treatment options, & regular (convenient) virtual visits to ensure optimal treatment and your safety.

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