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[{"reviewer_name":"David Maus","review_text":"\"As we get older we can lose the ability to be mentally and physically sharp. I work closely with Blokes to ensure everything I take is right for me.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/dmaus.jpeg"},{"reviewer_name":"Eric Hinman","review_text":"\"Not only did I see my biomarkers improve, I know I'm taking exactly what my body needs for better performance and better day to day life.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/erich.jpeg"},{"reviewer_name":"CJ Finley","review_text":"\"For years I suffered behind closed doors even though I thought I was doing all the right things. It wasn't until I started working with Blokes did I start to improve my my life.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/CJ-.jpeg"}]

Featured Podcasts

Listen to Blokes experts give testimony to our men's healh solutions on these popular podcasts.

The Renaissance Podcast

Josh and Katy Whalen are the founders of peptide and hormone therapy brands Blokes Modern Men's Health and Joi Women's Wellness. They are a dynamic husband and wife duo, but a few years ago they found their marriage being impacted as Josh was feeling himself slow down, not having as much energy, and feeling old for lack of a better word - and Katy on the other hand was trying to build a family.

The Fit and Fabulous Podcast

As the founder of Rise To Wellness, Dr. Jacey Folkers BS, DC, is passionate about helping patients find true health. His approach focuses on stimulating the body’s natural healing process and identifying supporting lifestyle changes that can make significant improvements in patients’ lives.

Biohacker Babes

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Jacey Folkers on the hot topic of peptides! He is one of the co-founders of Blokes and ChooseJoi, which offer diagnostic lab testing, advanced peptides therapies, hormone optimization and lifestyle enhancements to offer a top to bottom approach to help people maximize their health and vitality.

Aww Shift

In this episode, our guest is Josh Whalen. He is the CEO and founder of Joiwellness. His story is about saving his marriage and how he found a passion for helping others save their marriage. Today, we will learn about his aww shift, how it's shaped his life, and how we can learn from his personal experiences.

The Zaddy Zone

Zaddians! You don't know how important your biomarkers are and that is exactly why you should listen to this episode. Want to feel better, look better and have better sex for a very long time? Well maybe not increase the duration of said act, but stretch out some more years!? This week it's testosterone, estrogen and progesterone impacts on men and women.

The SimplyBe. Podcast

Josh and Katy Whalen, the founders of Blokes for Him and Joi for Her, are on a mission to elevate lives through hormone optimization and peptide therapy. Their protocols address everything from weight loss and sex drive to energy and brain fog.

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