Rapamycin (Sirolimus)
Rapamycin (Sirolimus)

Rapamycin (Sirolimus)

billed quarerly
$249/bottle, lasts 3 months

Rapamycin is considered to be one of the most promising healthspan-promoting therapies for its role in slowing down the formation of senescent cells through its inhibition of the mTOR complex I pathway.

Taken in small doses over an extended period of time, Rapamycin supports processes that preserve cellular health with age, leading to a longer period of life spent active and with less dysfunction.

Choose a lab to get started:

  • Promote a longer and healthier lifespan
  • Delay the onset of age-related diseases
  • Improve metabolic health
  • Strengthen immune function
  • Help boost overall energy levels
  • Improve skin health
What's Included?
Board Certified Clinicians
Lifestyle & Nutrition Support
Unlimited Messaging
1:1 Coaching
Doctor Prescribed Medications
Access to Labs & Supplements
We're with you every step of the way.

Complete the online health history and consent forms

Fill out the online health history and consent forms or contact your coach it you are current a patient.

Lab Work

Complete a lab or share one you've done within the last 90 days.

Shipped to your door

A clinician will go over your health history and goals to ensure you are a candidate. If approved, your medication will be shipped to your door.

Ongoing Care

We will schedule a lab draw & follow-up visit after the 3rd month of treatment and quarterly check-ins and annual lab draws after that.

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What is Blokes?

Blokes is a national telehealth provider that solely focuses on optimization and hormones.

What is precision medicine and “smart” supplements?

Precision medicine refers to the collection and analysis of biomarkers to see which areas you are deficient in to allow us to optimize your health. “Smart” supplements refer to specific supplements that will increase biomarkers that you are deficient in.

How does Membership and Subscription work?

The subscription is $99 a month. You are able to cancel the subscription at any time.

Is it truly customized off of my biomarkers?

Yes. Supplement recommendations are based off of lab results conducted during the blood draw. The results are then parsed with AI with an algorithm designed to offer the best supplements that will optimize your health – specifically tailored to you.

How long does the process usually take?

Blood work will take about 7 days to fully process. Once you meet with a wellness coach, supplements orders can take up to 10 days to process and 2 for shipping.

Which biomarkers and labs do you offer?

We offer 3 unique panels which you can read about here.

What will I find in my daily smart supplements?

The smart supplements come in a daily pack with 30 packs total. Each pack will come with the specific smart supplements for you to take on a daily basis.

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