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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently accepting new patient consultations – Initial lab with provider visit is $99.  If labs are not needed the consultation fee is $25. Lab questions? Call our Patient Liaisons at 720-828-8596.

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?
Our new patient consults are usually $99 - these include your initial laboratory panels. If labs are not required, then the consultation fee is $25.

I have labs from another clinic, may I use them?
If you have not been on testosterone, the labs may be from the last 3-6 months, if on testosterone, labs need to be within the last 90 days. All labs must be within our parameters – CBC, CMP, Total and Free Test, Estrodial, and PSA

Can I ask more questions without doing a lab or signing up?
Absolutely, you can request a follow-up with our Patient Liaison by completing the contact us form on the site, texting or calling 720.828.8596 .

My wife wants testosterone or peptides too, can she make an appointment?
Good news! We have opened a sister company - JOI - that caters specifically to women's health and needs. Please visit our women's brand website for more information or to sign up: https://choosejoi.co

How long until I receive my prescriptions?
Typically, you should receive your medications within 10-14 business days.

I’m currently getting treatment from another provider/clinic. Do you price match?
Our pricing is very competitive and includes provider visits, laboratory panels, supplies, education, medications, convenient telehealth visits to ensure optimal treatment. If you would like to review pricing prior to scheduling, we can connect you with our Patient Liaison to discuss.

Can my significant other come to my appointment?
Yes, we absolutely encourage you to have your significant other attend your appointments.

Do you take insurance?
We accept major insurance plans, but only for certain products for qualified patients. For everything else, we do accept credit card and HSA accounts.

What if I want to submit my Blokes treatments to insurance?
Our regular invoices do not provide enough detail to submit to insurance. If you submit a request and give us enough notice we can provide the documentation required for insurance.

Do you treat patients that are transitioning from female to male?
We do not, an endocrinologist is more specialized in this treatment.

How do I use the at home blood sample collection kit?

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