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Boosting Testosterone

Learn whether you suffer from Low T and learn tips, tricks, and strategies to boost it.

Ozempic’s Impact on Sex Drive: Does Ozempic Lower Testosterone?

November 27, 2023

Ozempic, the brand name for semaglutide, is an injectable medication primarily prescribed for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Its primary purpose is to improve blood sugar control and reduce the ...

By Josh Whalen

Testosterone and Penis Size: The Hormonal Impact of TRT on Male Anatomy

November 24, 2023

The topic of penis size has fascinated mankind for centuries, and even in today’s advanced medical era, it remains a subject of debate, curiosity, and insecurity for many. Testosterone, the ...

By Josh Whalen

Breaking Down the Budget: Monthly Cost of TRT Treatment Explained

November 21, 2023

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has emerged as a popular solution for individuals diagnosed with low testosterone, or Low-T, offering a pathway to better health, improved mood, and an overall enhanced ...

By Katy Whalen

Uncovered Expenses: The True Cost of TRT Without Insurance

November 17, 2023

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for men with low testosterone levels. While the benefits of TRT can be life-changing for many, its costs without ...

By Katy Whalen

Fasting and Testosterone Levels: Does Going Without Food Boost Male Hormones?

November 3, 2023

Fasting, particularly intermittent fasting (IF), has been spotlighted in recent years for its myriad potential health benefits, ranging from weight loss to improved insulin sensitivity. But can it also influence ...

By Josh Whalen

Clomid for Low Testosterone: Revolutionizing Men’s Health Treatment

October 31, 2023

Clomid for Low Testosterone: Revolutionizing Men’s Health Treatment

When one thinks of Clomid (clomiphene citrate), it is usually associated with female infertility. However, the horizon of medical science ...

By Josh Whalen

Navigating the TRT Landscape: At What Age Should You Start TRT?

October 21, 2023

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has garnered significant attention in recent years. With men increasingly aware of their hormonal health, the vital question that arises is: what age should you start ...

By Josh Whalen

Enclomiphene Dosage: What Is The Right Amount?

October 12, 2023

Enclomiphene citrate, a non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonist, has gained attention in the world of men’s health for its potential benefits in treating low testosterone levels. However, determining the correct Enclomiphene ...

By Josh Whalen

Dr. David Sinclair’s Natural Approach to Doubling Testosterone Levels

October 11, 2023

In the realm of health and longevity, Dr. David Sinclair stands out as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. His research and insights have transformed our understanding of aging and ...

By Josh Whalen

Enclomiphene Side Effects Explained

October 10, 2023

The New Age of Testosterone Boosting

Men have long sought after solutions to increase testosterone levels, often with mixed results and unwanted side effects. Enter enclomiphene, a groundbreaking ...

By Josh Whalen
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