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[{"reviewer_name":"David Maus","review_text":"\"As we get older we can lose the ability to be mentally and physically sharp. I work closely with Blokes to ensure everything I take is right for me.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/dmaus.jpeg"},{"reviewer_name":"Eric Hinman","review_text":"\"Not only did I see my biomarkers improve, I know I'm taking exactly what my body needs for better performance and better day to day life.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/erich.jpeg"},{"reviewer_name":"CJ Finley","review_text":"\"For years I suffered behind closed doors even though I thought I was doing all the right things. It wasn't until I started working with Blokes did I start to improve my my life.\"","reviewer_image":"https:\/\/blokes.co\/wp-content\/uploads\/2024\/03\/CJ-.jpeg"}]
Instagram Giveaway

Get ready to start winning. On or about June 17th, 2023, the Winners will be selected by the Sponsor among all eligible entries to win the Prize. The Prize Winners will be contacted via Email, mentioned in an @getblokes Instagram Story.

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What’s included in the Giveaway
  • Blokes: 1 comprehensive lab panel, 6 months of gh peptide and 6 months of NAD+ 
  • Kane Footwear: 1 pair of Kane Footwear Shoes 
  • The Normal Brand: 1 $100 giftcard 
  • Dream Recover: 1 mask 1 pillowcase and 1 mouthtape! 
  • Pluck: 1 spice jar set and flavor bundle 
  • SAGA: 1 BFR Bundle (Arm + Leg Pair) 
  • Ancient Crunch: 20, 5 oz Original bags each 
  • Kreatures of Habit: 2 boxes of MEAL ONE and a bag of Knight Kap per winner 
  • Wild Idea: 1 $100 gift card 
  • Human Improvement: 1 Mix pack of chocolate and vanilla
  • BUBS Naturals: A month supply of our core products: Coffee, Collagen, MCT, and Hydration
  • Happy Being Co: 1 chocolate & vanilla variety pack of Nourished
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How to Enter

All Entrants have to do to enter is like this post, tag someone who would love this giveaway and follow @getblokes @kanefootwear @thenormalbrand @dream.recovery @eatpluck @movesaga @masa_chips @kreaturesofhabit @wildideabuffalo @human.improvement @bubsnaturals @happybeing.co @erichinman @themovementjourney @brianmazza @gamebredfighter @danhendo @tholt21_ on Instagram, and provide name and email address and check the box to consent to the Terms & Conditions on the official Men’s Health giveaway webpage

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