What is Testosterone?

What is considered testosterone?
Testosterone is what makes a man a man. It’s what builds muscle, puts hair on his body, and is the primary driver behind his sex drive. When testosterone levels start to dip, men can notice some symptoms that can be negatively impactful to his life. While ‘normal’ testosterone levels range from 300ng/dL to 1000ng/dL – the number is only part of his story. The right number is really where he feels and performs his best and symptoms have disappeared.

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What are the causes of Low Testosterone?

After about age 30, men will see a natural decline in testosterone levels due to aging. However, you can’t write off these symptoms as “aging” or just getting old. Many times, when younger men experience hypogonadism, there are other things at play that can be causing testosterone levels to decline, including both physical and environmental causes. Injury, obesity, stress, illness, and disease can all contribute to lower testosterone in men. Previous misuses of testosterone can also contribute.

What are the symptoms of Low Testosterone?

The symptoms of Low Testosterone can impact a man’s life in many ways, causing both mental and physical changes…it’s more than just losing your sex drive and muscle mass, it can impact all of the relationships in your life.

Here are the most common symptoms we hear:

  • Irritability/Crabby

  • Low/Poor Sex Drive

  • Weight Gain/Belly Fat

  • Athletic Performance Decline

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Brain Fog/Poor Sleep

  • Poor Mental Focus

  • Muscle Loss

  • Decreased Muscle Strength

  • Joint Pain

  • Lack of Drive/Motivation

  • Lack of energy/constant fatigue (taking afternoon naps on the couch – going to bed early – drinking energy drinks and coffee in the afternoons)

How do I know if I have low T?

While having any one of these symptoms by itself is not necessarily an indicator of Low Testosterone, having 3 or more is a good enough reason to get tested.

Diagnosing & Treating Low Testosterone

At Blokes, we mainly take three things into account when diagnosing and treating low-testosterone:

vial1. Blood Test

folder2. Medical History

target3. Your Goals

Everyone is different, and a Total testosterone level is not the end all be all. We want to understand what’s ‘normal’ for you, understand why you don’t feel your best and then through regular laboratory data (blood draws), get you into your optimal range and maintain your levels where you feel your best. Blokes is here to help solve the issue!

What are my treatment options?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be administered through many delivery methods including:

  • IM injections

  • Nasal Gels

  • Creams

  • Pellets

  • Sub Q Injections

  • Oral Tablets

What option does Blokes recommend?

While there are many different forms and delivery methods of testosterone, not all are equal in safety and overall effectiveness. IM injections are considered the gold standard delivery method for most guys. However, some guys prefer to not do injections or just respond better to a different delivery method such as creams. We will work with you to find the optimal delivery method for you.

What are the benefits of treatment?

The full benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are not typically reached until at least 6 months to a full year of treatment. That being said, many guys report noticeable differences in sleep, libido, energy, and motivation within a short time of starting treatment.

Within the first few months:

  • Improved Sleep

  • Improved Libido

  • Better Energy/Motivation

  • Better Mood/Stamina

  • Better recovery from workouts

  • Increased Muscle Strength

Full Benefits Include:

  • Overall Body Composition Improvements – especially when adding workouts and better diets

  • Reach optimal testosterone levels

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

Initial lab draw is $49 and subsequent draws are included.

Our basic TRT treatment without add-ons is $149 per month.


How do I pay for treatments?
Blokes is 100% cash payment. We do not accept insurance plans. We offer prepaid plans with incentives as well as monthly payment plans for treatments.

How long before I see benefits from testosterone replacement therapy?
Every guy is different, but most guys report a noticeable difference within the first two weeks of starting treatment.

My testosterone level is 350 and my primary care provider told me that was ‘normal’, but I still have many of the symptoms. Am I still a candidate for TRT?
Patients can experience many low T symptoms even though their number generally falls in the ‘normal’ range. Testosterone has a very general range of 156ng/dL-1200ng/dL and there are general ranges broken down inside that range that are based on your age. Many primary care providers lean on the general recommendation of what’s ‘normal’. We take a different approach and look at what is optimal for you versus just diagnosing from a number. One guy can feel great at 500 and another guy can have many of the symptoms.

What can I expect from Blokes?
Your Goals AND Safety are Our Top Priorities - 1. Personalized Treatment plans by (Certified) Hormone Therapy Specialists 2. A variety of treatment options to ensure you get the best results. Includes Testosterone, Peptides, Sexual Performance, and more 3. Regular (convenient) Virtual visits with our Providers 4. Regularly scheduled blood draws to ensure both optimal treatment and your safety. 5. Accessibility. Real, live people answering our phones, chats and texts!

How Quickly will I see changes?
It depends on your goals. Most men experience an increase in sex drive and energy within weeks or months. Depression symptoms from low testosterone along with body fat changes can take months to see improvements. We typically tell patients 6-12 months before you are at an optimal level for you.

Are Injections my only option for treating low testosterone?
While we consider injections are your best option though either intramuscular or subcutaneous methods, we understand that some guys just don’t want to do needles. We do offer alternatives. It’s best to discuss with your provider the different options we have and what might be best for you.

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?
Initial lab draw is $49 and subsequent draws are included. Our payment plans for testosterone replacement therapy start at only $149 a month.

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