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Boosting Testosterone Levels Naturally

By Dr. Jason Leep
November 3, 2021

Top 5 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally. How Do I Boost Testosterone Levels While On Testosterone Treatment Therapy?

The gradual decline of testosterone levels during a healthy individuals lifespan can be
accounted for by a few common factors, genetics and lifestyle. Hypogonadism is a condition
where the male testis do not produce normal testosterone levels, this condition can occur
anytime, but increases significantly after the age of 40 years old, but can be common
between 20-30 yo, the age at which peak levels should be achieved.

Multiple factors can be at fault for low testosterone levels.

One example of factors contributing to low T is based on a study where researchers found water consumed from plastic bottles contained a chemical the body recognized as estrogen, in turn, creating a negative feedback on the testosterone and suppressing testosterone production. So you’ve had the testing done, and found you’re a candidate for hormone replacement therapy, and now you’re wondering how you can help maintain and boost the testosterone levels while on therapy.

Here are the top 5 ways to naturally boost testosterone production:

1. Exercise - Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always the number one best strategy for maintaining health testosterone levels. High-intensity training, resistance workouts, and cardio have all been shown to produce high to baseline levels of testosterone compared to a sedentary lifestyle. Testosterone in combination with other peptides are responsible for building and maintaining muscle, ligaments and tendons repair, as well as joint health. Moreover, the more the body get used regularly, the more testosterone gets produced to help your body maintain its functions.

2. Diet - Eating healthy, cutting out fast food, high carb, and high caloric foods are important to maintaining a healthy balance. Dietary protein is used to help support the muscles after an intense workout, so eat with a purpose, consume the foods that the body needs to rebuild and replenish. Choose high-quality proteins, lean meats, chicken, turkey, wild salmon, tri-tip beef steaks are all good choices. Combine your protein with a dense green veggie and quinoa and you’ll be off to a great start. Avoiding food and drinks that contain carbohydrates will also help to prevent high blood sugar levels. When you begin to avoid, plates of pasta, pieces of bread, and highly processed foods, you’ll notice less abdominal bloat and feel, leaner around the midsection. With grocery prices soaring and limited selections at times, meal prepping and planning are going to be crucial to finding dietary success.

3. Hydration - Alcohol can be detrimental to an effective workout routine and eating clean. Alcohol can function as a diuretic, and with testosterone therapy and a high-intensity training routine, your muscles need lots of water to be ready for a workout. Hydration is an everyday goal, and a single glass of wine or pint of beer can put you in a negative fluid balance in a matter of hours. Alcohol has also been linked to declining testosterone production, exercise intolerance, and malnutrition. So cut out the booze, drink 2-4L of water per day, and allow your body to function at a higher level.

4. Supplement - Selecting high-quality daily supplements to give your body all the minerals and vitamins it needs to function at optimal levels. Vitamin D3, Zinc, Iron, are usually contained inadequate levels in a high-quality multivitamin, select the best and take them daily.

5. Stress - Manage your stress, avoid overloading your system with a constant flood of Cortisol, which is the hormonal kryptonite to Testosterones health benefits. If you’re living a high-stress lifestyle, balance out your stress levels with adequate amounts of yoga, meditation, fresh air, and interval training. Find the time to allow your body and its hormonal systems to recover from stressful situations/episodes or experiences. Constantly pushing your system into adrenal fatigue and a cortisol dominant state is a sure way to limit any normal testosterone production.

In Summary, take comfort in knowing that boosting endogenous, and (natural) testosterone levels comes with the territory when you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. If you’ve already been diagnosed with low T, you’re among the millions of men that get diagnosed each year. However, if you’re on hormone replacement, you’re among the 5% that receive treatment for this condition, and that in itself is an accomplishment. (Yay Blokes!) So don’t stop there, keep pushing for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, because diet and exercise solve a lot of problems, and unfortunately you still can’t take that it in a pill form.

Dr. Jason Leep MD

Blokes offers specialized treatments specific to each individual patient. Our Medical Advisory Board and Men's Clinicians will take the guess work out of exactly what your treatment options are. To learn more about testosterone therapy options take our short testosterone quiz to get started today.

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