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Build Your Upper Body With the Terry Crews Workout

By Josh Whalen
November 2, 2023

Terry Crews, the former NFL player turned actor, is renowned for his impressive physique. His dedication to fitness and approach to diet and exercise have made him a role model for many. If you want to get upper body strength and definition like him, you'll need to get to know the "Terry Crews workout," his philosophy, and diet tips. 

Terry Crews' Workout Philosophy

Terry Crews once said, "Fitness is one of the most important things in my life. I do not start my day until I have my workout on.” This philosophy underpins his commitment to regular exercise. Crews believes in consistency and has been following more or less the same workout routine for years. His regimen is exhaustive and intense, focusing on discipline and dedication.

The Terry Crews Workout: Up

Upper Body Workout

Crews' arm and chest workout, which he designed himself, is no joke. It includes:

  • Power Clean: 4 sets of 10
  • Incline Bench Press: 4 sets of 12, 10, 9, 8
  • Machine Press: 4 sets of 10, 12, 8, 4
  • Dumbbell Fly: 4 sets of 10
  • Dumbbell Curl: 4 sets of 10
  • Dips: 4 sets of 10
  • Pushups: 4 sets of 20

Intermittent Fasting and Diet

As highlighted in Men's Health, Terry Crews is a staunch advocate for intermittent fasting. He typically fasts for 16 hours each day, 6 days a week, starting his first meal at 2 pm and finishing by 10 pm. This approach helps him maintain muscle mass while burning fat. Crews believes that restricting his eating times means he consumes less, and he saves his carbs for his evening meal. He also packs in protein with a variety of egg dishes and even bacon and salami. On special ocassions or his Sunday cheat days, he even indulges in comfort food like mac and cheese and peach cobbler. It's all about balance.

Supplements and Peptide Therapy

For those interested in enhancing their workout results, considering supplements or peptide therapy might be beneficial. Terry Crews incorporates essential fatty acids, multivitamins, and a fat burner into his morning routine. He also relies on an amino acid drink during his fasting period, which provides hydration and muscle support without breaking his fast.

The Power of Discipline

Terry Crews' journey to achieving his iconic physique wasn't an overnight success. It was the result of years of dedication and unwavering discipline. Many might be tempted to look for shortcuts or easy ways out, but Crews stands as a testament to the power of consistent hard work. His discipline extends beyond the gym; it's evident in his dietary choices, his commitment to sleep, and even his mental well-being. For those aspiring to achieve a body like his, it's essential to understand that discipline is the foundatio

The Role of Genetics vs. Hard Work

While genetics play a role in how our bodies develop and respond to exercise, relying solely on genetics can be a limiting factor. Terry Crews, despite potentially having a genetic advantage, never shied away from taking it a step further. He pushes his body to its limits, constantly challenging himself with new routines and exercises. This highlights an essential lesson: while genetics can provide a starting point, hard work and determination define the journey and the results.

The Mental Aspect of Fitness

Physical fitness isn't just about the body; it's equally about the mind. Terry Crews often speaks about the mental benefits of his workout routine. Exercising regularly releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters. It also helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Crews' dedication to fitness is as much about mental well-being as it is about physical strength. 

Staying Motivated: The Terry Crews Way

What keeps Terry Crews going? What drives him to maintain his rigorous routine year after year? The answer lies in motivation. Crews often speaks about setting goals and constantly finding new sources of inspiration. Whether it's a new movie role, personal challenges, or simply the desire to stay healthy, Crews finds reasons to stay motivated. For anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey, finding and holding onto that personal motivation can make all the difference.

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