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Goodbye Cauliflower Pizza, Hello Beach Body

By Josh Whalen
May 25, 2022

How B12/MIC Stimulates Weight Loss

Let's stop pretending cauliflower is a viable alternative for stuffed crust pizza or substituting Stevia for sugar tastes good. The current culture seems desperate to hack their metabolism and achieve an effortless beach body. Influencer culture has blurred the lines between being healthy and weight. Romanticizing a dangerous obsession with weight loss, masking potentially disordered eating under the guise of “intermittent fasting.” 

Lose Weight Holistically with No Yo-Yo or Fad Dieting Required

B12/MIC has been clinically proven to stimulate weight loss in most patients. Yo-yo dieting and jumping on every new diet trend that emerges brings more hassle then results. Dull rabbit food tastes about as good as wood chips. Research shows yo-yo dieting is linked to fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This is proof that these diets defeat the purpose of dieting in the first place. 

What if we decided to walk away from toxic diet culture and embrace the idea of a holistic weight plan? A plan that works with unique and individual body chemistry, metabolism, and with the body not against it is a much better plan.

Enter Vitamin B12 + MIC 

Vitamin B12 combined with MIC (Methionine Inositol Choline) is an energy-boosting combination that everybody can benefit from. Whether, you want help with weight management, or just want to feel more energized on a day-to-day basis this combination has proven to be effective. These safe, effective, and easy injections trigger biological processes that are critical to weight loss. Here’s the 411 on what each component does to make you look and feel your best: 

B12 – This nutrient keeps your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy. It also breaks down body fat stores, assists with detoxification, and regulates sleep cycles, mood, and appetite. Additionally, B12 is proven to boost cognitive function, calm the nervous system. You also probably know about the benefits of B12 supporting healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. 

Methionine – This essential amino acid is required for the liver to break down fats. Methionine regulate cholesterol levels, relieve fatigue, and reduce histamine relief. This is especially helpful during allergy season, especially if you’re in one of these cities.

Inositol – This B vitamin is essential for shedding extra body fat. This can bring cholesterol levels down, improving your mood, and regulating your appetite. 

Choline – Proper liver and brain function hinges largely on this essential nutrient found in superfoods like eggs. Also, integral for optimal brain and nervous system function, choline helps with muscle memory, mood, and muscle control. Choline fortifies the membranes that surround your body’s cells. 

The bottom line is weight loss depends largely on a healthy, optimally-functioning liver. Not showing your liver the love it deserves means hindering your health and fitness journey in a big way. With this masterful blend of nutrients, with proven benefits, you can get the jumpstart you need. Only those looking for fast improvements and lasting results should apply. The best part is, that it can be done safely and effortlessly from the comfort of your own home. Prescriptions are sent directly to your home following a single and affordable lab work panel. Lab work is typically well under $500.

Bring Confidence Back This Summer 

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our experts can formulate a customized plan to achieve your health and weight loss goals. No yo-yo dieting is necessary!

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