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Jason Momoa: Steroids Or Natural for Aquaman 3? 

By Josh Whalen
December 22, 2023

Jason Momoa, known for his roles in "Aquaman" and "Game of Thrones," has become a fitness icon, especially with his preparation for "Aquaman 3." His physique, often admired and envied, is a product of a unique approach to fitness that aligns with his personal preferences and lifestyle. Get the details about Momoa's fitness routine and how he keeps his fitness both fun and effective. You too can achieve Jason Momoa's Natural Physique.

Embracing Unconventional Workouts

Momoa's disdain for traditional gym workouts is well-known. He avoids conventional weightlifting unless it's for a role that pays well. Instead, he focuses on more enjoyable and dynamic forms of exercise. For instance, he adopted a circuit training system called AR7 for "Conan the Barbarian," which involves compound movements performed in quick succession with minimal rest. This approach combines cardio and weightlifting, offering a time-efficient workout.

However, Momoa has evolved his routine to include Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training, which involves upper-lower body supersets. This method reduces gym time while still providing a comprehensive workout. It's perfect for those aiming for a lean, athletic build rather than a bulky, bodybuilder physique. PHA training is a testament to Momoa's philosophy: fitness should be enjoyable and integrated into one's lifestyle.

Incorporating Fun into Fitness

Momoa's workouts aren't confined to the treadmill. He engages in activities like paddleboarding, yoga, boxing, and rock climbing. These activities not only provide strength and cardiovascular workouts but also align with his adventurous spirit. This approach to fitness is a crucial takeaway: find sports or activities you love to maintain motivation and consistency.

The Mental Health Aspect of Fitness

An often-overlooked aspect of Momoa's fitness regimen is its positive impact on mental health. Engaging in outdoor activities and sports that he loves helps in reducing stress and boosts mental well-being. This connection between physical activity and mental health is crucial. Fitness is not just about building muscles; it's also about nurturing a healthy mind. Momoa's approach underscores the importance of choosing fitness activities that bring joy and mental clarity.

Momoa's fitness journey is also a lesson in adapting one's fitness routine to their lifestyle. Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach, he tailors his activities to fit his interests and schedule. This adaptability makes his fitness routine sustainable and enjoyable. It's a reminder that the best fitness plan is the one that aligns with your personal preferences and life circumstances.

Diet and Flexibility

While preparing for "Aquaman," Momoa followed a strict diet, primarily consisting of lean meats, vegetables, and healthy fats. However, he allows himself some flexibility, notably his fondness for Guinness beer. This flexibility helps him stay consistent with his diet over the long term. It's a valuable lesson in dieting: a bit of flexibility can make a strict diet more sustainable.

Supplements and Natural Enhancement

Momoa's supplement regimen is tailored to support his intense workouts and recovery. While details of his exact supplements are not publicly disclosed, it's common for actors in physically demanding roles to use supplements like whey protein, BCAAs, and omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements aid in muscle recovery and overall health.

Does Jason Momoa Take Steroids?

There's often speculation about steroid use among celebrities with impressive physiques. However, it's essential to recognize that Momoa's physique, while exceptional, is within the realm of natural attainability. His approach to fitness, emphasizing enjoyment, consistency, and a balanced diet, is a blueprint for achieving a great physique naturally.

Get Fit Like Momoa With Blokes

Jason Momoa's fitness journey for "Aquaman 3" is a blend of unconventional training methods, a diet with room for indulgence, and a focus on enjoyable physical activities. His approach demonstrates that a superhero physique is attainable through dedication, smart training, and a balanced lifestyle. It's a reminder that fitness is not just about the hours spent in the gym but about finding a routine that resonates with your lifestyle and preferences. Ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? Blokes can help. 

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