3 Signs You Might Have Undiagnosed Adult ADHD

By Blokes Staff
June 22, 2022

Treating ADHD Symptoms with Peptides

Within minutes of scrolling social media, targeted ads appear in your feed, promising to cure you of ADHD. The ads are everywhere, highlighting the cumbersome reality that a growing number of adults are living with undiagnosed ADHD and worse, suffering in silence. 

For adults living with ADHD, everyday tasks feel daunting, overwhelming, and even paralyzing. They find themselves unable to stay organized, be punctual, or remember important deadlines, thinking it’s “just who they are” or that they will never be able to accomplish tasks the way their peers do. 

3 Lesser-Known Signs of ADHD in Adults 

And while some symptoms of ADHD are obvious, other symptoms are less noticeable. If you find yourself on the fence, unsure if you are affected by undiagnosed adult ADHD, consider these three lesser-known signs of ADHD in adults: 

  1. Reckless driving. Getting from Point A to Point B safely involves a certain level of focus and concentration that ADHD sufferers often struggle with. Research shows that those with ADHD are more likely to drive recklessly and incur more speeding tickets, making them more accident prone. 
  2. Staying up all night. Adults with ADHD feel spikes in creativity when the rest of us are sound asleep. It is not unusual for adults with ADHD to be “night owls” who are most productive late at night. As a result, though, their inability to prioritize and be punctual is often exacerbated by this habit. Get help with improved sleep quality.
  3. Unpredictable mood patterns. Those with ADHD often have trouble sifting through and processing emotions easily, making them unable to emotionally regulate when tensions are high. Feeling multiple and sometimes conflicting emotions simultaneously is not uncommon for them and often lends to impulsive behaviors and emotional outbursts. 

While many ADHD sufferers are not diagnosed until adulthood, ADHD itself typically develops during childhood. It is likely that symptoms were missed or even masked or the patient was misdiagnosed with a disorder whose symptoms mirror ADHD, such as depression or anxiety. Regardless of when the diagnosis finally came into play, one thing is for sure: the symptoms can be crippling and functioning as a normal adult can feel as impossible.

With emerging data that pharmaceuticals like Adderall and Vyvanse can cause permanent brain changes with long-term use. Many people are opting for solutions that are not habit-forming controlled substances. 

If your ADHD symptoms have become unmanageable, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Take advantage of the many proven benefits that peptide therapy offers, and contact us today for a free consultation.

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