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How Much Should a Man Weigh? Men’s Height and Weight Chart

By Blokes Staff
December 1, 2022

Many Factors like Body Mass Index (BMI) Play a Role in Determining the Recommended Weight for a Man

Obesity is on the rise in America which means the average man is overweight. This means that when determining a healthy weight for a man, “healthy” and “average” are far from synonymous. Fad diets and society’s ever-changing standards of health make it seem impossible to figure out what the picture of health looks like. But when it comes to the ideal male weight, one-size-fits-all isn’t an appropriate approach.

Learning a healthy weight range for a man can depend on a number of different factors; so before you pigeonhole yourself into an unrealistic number on the scale based on your favorite Instagram weight lifter or raw liver eater, consider that many different things play a part in determining a healthy weight for every individual. Let’s bring some clarity to what a healthy weight should look like for a man and where you might land.

Healthy Weight and BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is how the CDC determines whether or not your weight is within the normal or healthy weight range. BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight, calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms or pounds by the square of height in meters (or feet). A high BMI is linked to obesity and other serious risk factors including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, and some cancers. You can use a BMI calculator to determine your BMI based on your height and weight.

A couple things to remember about BMI:

  • BMI is one of several factors to consider when determining a healthy weight.
  • Age is a factor in BMI for children because they are still growing, but does not have any bearing on your BMI as an adult.
  • BMI takes into consideration your height and weight but does not take into account other important factors of health such as proportion of body fat (for example, BMI misses important markers like more fat around the midsection which is unhealthier and linked to heart attacks and strokes), muscle mass, or waist or hip circumference.
  • BMI does not distinguish different ethnicities or geographies which all have varying levels of body fat.
  • BMI should not be the only measure to determine a healthy body weight.

Using the following weight and height chart from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) can help you determine whether or not your weight is in a healthy range based on your height.

HeightNormal weightBMI 19–24OverweightBMI 25–29ObesityBMI 30–39Severe obesityBMI 40+
4 ft 10 in(58 in)91–115 lb119–138 lb143–186 lb191–258 lb
4 ft 11 in(59 in)94–119 lb124–143 lb148–193 lb198–267 lb
5ft(60 in”)97–123 lb128–148 lb153–199 lb204–276 lb
5 ft 1 in(61 in)100–127 lb132–153 lb158–206 lb211–285 lb
5 ft 2 in(62 in)104–131 lb136–158 lb164–213 lb218–295 lb
5 ft 3 in(63 in)107–135 lb141–163 lb169–220 lb225–304 lb
5 ft 4 in(64 in)110–140 lb145–169 lb174–227 lb232–314 lb
5 ft 5 in(65 in)114–144 lb150–174 lb180–234 lb240–324 lb
5 ft 6 in(66 in)118–148 lb155–179 lb186–241 lb247–334 lb
5 ft 7 in(67 in)121–153 lb159–185 lb191–249 lb255–344 lb
5 ft 8 in(68 in)125–158 lb164–190 lb197–256 lb262–354 lb
5 ft 9 in(69 in)128–162 lb169–196 lb203–263 lb270–365 lb
5 ft 10 in(70 in)132–167 lb174–202 lb209–271 lb278–376 lb
5 ft 11 in(71 in)136–172 lb179–208 lb215–279 lb286–386 lb
6 ft(72 in)140–177 lb184–213 lb221–287 lb294–397 lb
6 ft 1 in(73 in)144–182 lb189–219 lb227–295 lb302–408 lb
6 ft 2 in(74 in)148–186 lb194–225 lb233–303 lb311–420 lb
6 ft 3 in(75 in)152–192 lb200–232 lb240–311 lb319–431 lb
6 ft 4 in(76 in)156–197 lb205–238 lb246–320 lb328–443 lb

Determining Your Ideal Body Weight

Figuring out a healthy weight range is important since the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) link being overweight or obese to a number of serious health risk factors and chronic conditions, including an elevated risk for cancer.

Finding and achieving a healthy weight by eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly means you’ll feel (and look) your best. The FDA recently approved a new weight loss drug that, showed significant weight loss in participants in clinical trials. While using your BMI can help you to calculate whether or not you fall into the ideal weight range for your body type, for the best and most accurate results, it is recommended to combine BMI measurement with other measurements such as your waist circumference and hip-to-waist ratio.

Achieve Your Weight Goals in 2023

If you’re looking for more noticeable results in your weight loss journey, Blokes’ high-performance weight loss programs and peptide therapies can help. Our weight loss programs are science-backed and deliver sustained results. Contact us today for a consultation where our team of providers will work with you to formulate an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve your wellness goals so you can feel and look your best.

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