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Men’s Health Giveaway

Get ready to level up your health game!

💪 Join us for the Ultimate Men's Health Month Giveaway!

Terms and Conditions:

This Sweepstake is sponsored by Blokes Wellness, Ten Thousand, Sisu Sauna, HigherDOSE, Kreatures of Habit, Edge Theory Labs, Dream Recovery, Normal Brand, and STRONG Coffee Company (“Sponsor” Collectively).

Subject to compliance with all eligibility requirements, the Entrants can win the following Prizes:

  • Blokes Wellness: 1 Comprehensive Lab
  • Ten Thousand: 1 $300 gift card
  • Sisu Sauna:  2 $1500 gift cards to SISU to be used for sauna purchases only.
  • HigherDOSE: 1 red light hair growth cap at $449
  • KOH: 2 boxes of Meal One (14 servings) + one bag of Knight Kap (15 servings)
  • Edge Theory Labs – 1 Pop Up Tub
  • Dream Recovery: 1 Performance Sleep Kit ( pillowcase, dream strips, dream tape, sleep mask)
  • Normal Brand: 1 $300 gift card
  • STRONG Coffee Company: 1 frother, 1 mug, 2 bags strong coffee late + 1 bag of black

The Prize must be accepted as awarded and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. No substitution of the Prize is permitted, except at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. The Sponsor may replace the Prize, or any part of the Prize, with another prize of equal or greater value. Any portion of the Prize not accepted by the Winner will be forfeited.

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