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Using Peptides For Muscle Growth and Recovery

By Blokes Staff
June 11, 2023

When it comes to finding a supplement that can aid muscle growth or recovery, the list is seemingly endless. To find the right supplement, fitness enthusiasts have to comb through thousands of different products and attempt to separate the good ones from the dangerous ones. To help out, we’d like to save you some time and introduce you to a new way to enhance your muscle recovery after workouts. You can rest assured knowing that this strategy is scientifically proven and must be prescribed by a licensed medical professional. With that said, let’s talk about how you can use peptides for muscle growth and recovery.

What are peptides?

Peptides are a naturally occurring part of your body’s cellular makeup. A peptide is a short chain of amino acids that are bound together by peptide bonds. Since they are short-chained amino acids, peptides are not considered a formal protein.

Peptides are designed to enhance certain aspects of the body. Not only can they help improve mental health, but also physical health in areas like muscle growth, muscle recovery, and overall performance in the gym. 

While peptides are a natural part of our biology and already present, they can be further introduced to the body to help promote even better health by way of peptide therapy. Peptide therapy is the targeted use of specific peptide amino acid chains to create a specific response in the body. This therapy can help with weight loss, injury prevention, and muscle growth.

Peptides and muscle growth

Muscle growth occurs when you break down the fibers of your muscles during a workout — these are called microtears and they’re the first step in the growth process. 

After that small breakage, the body naturally repairs those fibers back slightly bigger to compensate for that loss. In doing so it essentially learns from experience to better prepare for potential future workloads. This recovery process takes place while you are sleeping in the few days following the workout.

Peptide therapy helps provide additional assistance to this process by stimulating different hormones like the human growth hormone. Depending on their composition and sequencing order, peptide benefits can be altered to cater to a number of different muscle-building accelerators and helpers. 

Supercharging your gains

To supercharge your gains, you’ll need to institute peptide therapy during your body’s restoration process. Remember, when you work out you are creating micro tears in your body’s muscle fibers. Then, through rest and diet, your body heals itself back stronger than it was. If it wasn’t for the body’s naturally occurring response to that acute trauma we delivered to our muscles, muscle growth wouldn’t happen. This is why recovery is so important — it’s where muscle growth happens. 

Peptides help by enabling a speedier process of muscle recovery, increasing blood flow to your muscles, and subsequently improving muscle growth. As a result of their uniquely designed properties, peptides can assist your muscles by way of increased blood flow, protein direction, improved sleep, and reduced soreness. 

In short, peptides come alongside here to support the most critical aspect of the muscle-building process — recovery. Peptides’ benefits are of course not limited to just muscle growth and recovery, but this is undoubtedly one of these tiny molecules' strong suits. 

Peptide therapy: main benefits

So, let’s review: how can peptides benefit muscle growth

  1. Performance: Peptides help stimulate the production and utilization of important supplemental hormones that can allow you to have more intense workouts with quicker recovery times. On top of that, they also reduce joint pain and help prevent injuries. 
  1. Recovery: Peptides help to improve your recovery process by making the process more efficient. Depending on how your particular peptide supplement is formulated, it can be designed to carry out a number of recovery-improving processes from blood flow to sleep. 
  1. Overall: A better workout combined with a better recovery equals a better you. When you streamline such an important process and a vital aspect of a healthy life, the benefits of peptide supplements start to compound rapidly. With elevated muscle growth, better sleep, and an overall higher quality of life, peptides can have you feeling rejuvenated in a short time. 

Is peptide therapy right for you?

Peptide therapy can be utilized for a wide array of individuals with a myriad of different goals. Keep in mind though, peptides are a specialty supplement that cannot just be bought over the counter and must be obtained through a men’s health clinic of some sort.
Fortunately, the health professionals at our men’s online health clinic here at Blokes can help you learn more about peptides, peptide therapy, and whether or not it’s right for you. If you believe that peptide therapy is worth considering to aid in your fitness regimen, schedule an online consultation with us today to learn more about using peptides to your advantage.

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