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Listen to Blokes experts give testimony to our men's healh solutions on these popular podcasts.

Biohacker Babes Podcast

Josh Whalen, CEO & Founder of Blokes, thought there had to be a better way than sterile clinics and subpar services in order to optimize men's health. Blokes connects you with licensed providers and provides customized treatments to support better focus, strength and recovery so you can feel like you again.

The Wolf And The Shepherd

Blokes is a virtual platform that provides game-changing treatments for guys. It’s TRT, prescription peptide therapy, and rocket fuel for life. By signing up, you’ll get access to personalized treatment plans and 1:1 support from our providers and staff.

Empowered Health: A Holistic View

Josh refused to accept what doctors told him was the new normal, so he created Blokes. Through hormone and peptide testing, the Blokes team has got you covered from diagnosing what’s going on with your hormonal health to finding the right way to effectively treat it.

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