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Listen to Blokes experts give testimony to our men's healh solutions on these popular podcasts.

The Jeff Bullas Show

Josh Whalen is the Founder & CEO of Blokes, a startup Telehealth company dedicated to men’s health. Years ago, Josh had to seek treatment for his health problems and found himself unimpressed and dissatisfied with the industry standard.

Ever Forward Radio

In this discussion, they address the myths and misconceptions about male hormones and TRT, the do’s and don’ts of TRT, and the role of peptides in men’s health. They also speak not only on the physical aspects of hormone replacement and support therapies, but also the emotional and mental aspects of it which are just as important.


We have a discussion here about his background and entrance into this work, what is happening with testosterone levels in our society, and how to deal with the typical issues that men face as they go through various life phases.

Maximal Being – Part 2

Guest Josh Whalen is the founder and CEO of Blokes, a telehealth company dedicated to men’s health. Blokes help men deal with a variety of issues from the comfort of their own home (weight loss, low testosterone, muscle improvement, gut health, and more).

Maximal Being – Part 1

Most guys don't know when their wife is going through pregnancy, there's a lot that can happen to the men, especially with their testosterone levels, even their cortisol levels, prolactin, estrogen levels. And today we’re talking about how our guest got on his path of feeling like a much better man.

Biohacker Babes Podcast

Josh Whalen, CEO & Founder of Blokes, thought there had to be a better way than sterile clinics and subpar services in order to optimize men's health. Blokes connects you with licensed providers and provides customized treatments to support better focus, strength and recovery so you can feel like you again.

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